Volume 8, Issue 8, August 2014


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Turtle Satisfaction

Rethymnon Bugle - August 2014 EditionWe thank Archelon - the turtle conservation charity for providing us with this wonderful picture of the first hatchlings of the summer making their way across the beach in Rethymnon to start their new life in the sea. Beautiful pause for thought and we hope they make it. On a more mundane note, it really is flaming hot right now (well it is August) so cooling tactics are in order. But we are lucky to be able to go for a refreshing swim right round the corner from our house any time we like, have a chat with neighbours in the sea (not many people can say this). Super!

August Highlights

Oh well, the story of the month is possibly the crocodile which we weren’t able to do justice to. But on another note, we feel privileged to be able to review David Finlay’s warm hearted book ’Letters from Crete’. We have a stunning original cartoon, and some marvellous recipe ideas. Our friend Wendy tells us how to get our bum into shape, and we bring you details of the summer arts festival. The bonkers puzzles are back, we bring you yet more news about a mythical ferry and so much more. Thanks again friends!

About ‘The Bugle’

The Rethymnon Bugle is an independent, monthly FREE magazine that was started in January 2007. The Bugle is an English language publication that is geared not only towards the Greek and international community living and working in Rethymnon BugleRethymnon, but also to anybody who likes our town (or would like to know our town) and loves Crete. The aim of the Bugle is to be both informative and light hearted. We welcome feedback and written / photographic contributions from readers. We particularly welcome feature articles that have a Rethymnon slant; if you are considering submitting an article we would ask that you keep to an upper word limit of 500 words.

You will find our contact details and a listing of hard copy distribution outlets on our ‘Spreading the Word’ page.

We hope you enjoy reading our August issue!

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“squid aren’t the only problems in life”

Rethymnon Coffee Morning Bugle - Sharks says...

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