Volume 8, Issue 11, November 2014


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Rethymnon Bugle - November 2014 EditionWith winter gently, gently arriving here, one would have thought that quiet times would have arrived. Not so. A double whammy of sad news at the end of October has resulted in a slightly smaller Bugle than usual.
We hope we can do my dearly departed mum some kind of justice and I would like to thank her for encouraging me to pick up a pen and write. We also said farewell to a very good and kind friend, Bob. We will miss him and Rethymnon won’t be the same without him. Thank you all dear friends for your help and kind words. xxx

November Highlights

As for reasons mentioned above, you can see that this is a slightly slim-line edition for November. But quality above quantity, we say and with some great contributions from several kind and helpful people, we are still able to bring some really, really great stuff. We have a fantastic recipe, news and views from around town, the latest updates on local community organisations and events. We also let you know if you should be buying some name day cookies. Happy reading!!!

About ‘The Bugle’

The Rethymnon Bugle is an independent, monthly FREE magazine that was started in January 2007. The Bugle is an English language publication that is geared not only towards the Greek and international community living and working in Rethymnon BugleRethymnon, but also to anybody who likes our town (or would like to know our town) and loves Crete. The aim of the Bugle is to be both informative and light hearted. We welcome feedback and written / photographic contributions from readers. We particularly welcome feature articles that have a Rethymnon slant; if you are considering submitting an article we would ask that you keep to an upper word limit of 500 words.

You will find our contact details and a listing of hard copy distribution outlets on our ‘Classified’ page.

We hope you enjoy reading our November issue!

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