Volume 9, Issue 3, March 2015


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Lighten Up!

Rethymnon Bugle - March 2015 EditionFor those of you who don’t live on Crete in terms of the weather last month was an absolutely crazy month here. You can read all about this on our This Month Page, so we won’t give too much away right now. But put it this way, ‘stormy’ is nowhere near a strong enough word to describe the meteorological excitement that some of us experienced. Anyway, hopefully the tide is on the turn and we will soon be moving towards those glorious spring days when the flowers are all in bloom and the island is still peaceful and green. Town is calm now after the carnival festivities last month. Time to draw breath and enjoy all that Rethymnon has to offer in peace and tranquillity before the visitors arrive. Lovely!

March Highlights

Community and Charity events are prominent this month, with loads of different activities featured. Art, music and theatre are highlighted. There is a great cartoon and a fantastic recipe. Wendy gears us up to do some spring cleaning: the fun way. You will also find news and views from around town. And more!

About ‘The Bugle’

The Rethymnon Bugle (online at www.rethymnonnews.com) is an independent, FREE monthly magazine that was started in January 2007.

Rethymnon BugleIt is an English language publication geared not only towards the Greek and international community living and working in Rethymnon, but also to anybody who likes our town (or would like to know our town) and loves Crete. The aim of the Bugle is to be both informative and light hearted. I welcome feedback and written / photographic contributions from readers, especially feature articles that have a Rethymnon slant. I would prefer written contributions to be kept within a 500 word upper limit. You will find my contact details on the masthead above, the deadline for the next Bugle is 24/03/15.

I hope you enjoy reading my March issue!

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Rethymnon Coffee Morning Bugle - Sharks says...

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