Volume 8, Issue 9, September 2014


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Whatever Floats Your Goat?

Rethymnon Bugle - August 2014 EditionSome of our readers will already have seen this picture, but the general consensus so far is that this is a very fine and highly contented goat, that deserves wider publicity . We took the photo in Plakias (on the south coast of the island) just outside the wonderful library, where we had a fabulous day. August was a challenging month - it was a bit too warm for the editor, but we can relax now. September will be just fine, and then, before we know it we will be cruising into October, which will herald the second flowering of the year, and a much calmer atmosphere around town. Yay!

September Highlights

Some great contributions this month. We are very grateful to Philip Duke for providing us with a piece which focuses on local hero Louis Tikas. We bring you news of some absolutely fantastic musical events. Sifis the elusive Rethymnon crocodile gets a mention once more. We have an uplifting article about how to celebrate every day as a holiday, and the recipe this month is ab fab. The crossword puzzle has a theme, but the logic problem is a bit weird. All this and more! And thanks to all of you who helped.

About ‘The Bugle’

The Rethymnon Bugle is an independent, monthly FREE magazine that was started in January 2007. The Bugle is an English language publication that is geared not only towards the Greek and international community living and working in Rethymnon BugleRethymnon, but also to anybody who likes our town (or would like to know our town) and loves Crete. The aim of the Bugle is to be both informative and light hearted. We welcome feedback and written / photographic contributions from readers. We particularly welcome feature articles that have a Rethymnon slant; if you are considering submitting an article we would ask that you keep to an upper word limit of 500 words.

You will find our contact details and a listing of hard copy distribution outlets on our ‘Spreading the Word’ page.

We hope you enjoy reading our September issue!

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